Animals Category

Pet Insurance
A weblog which contains the latest news on pet insurances. The blog is hosted by a Dutchman who offers American insurances.

My Doggies
A place where you will find all information about dogs. Dog pictures, Dog training and Dog breeds....

Homemade Dog Food Recipes
Free dog food recipes and updates on the pet food recall.

Cat and Dog
Cute and Funny Cat and Dog Pictures

The Alley Cat Forum
A site that caters to cats here you will find everything and everything that has to do with your cat or kitten.

Daily commented photos about wild flowers, insects, macrophotography...

Animale de companie
You want to know many information about pets? Here will be all informations!!!

Horses Diaries
I hope this blog will be a place where other horse lovers can join me to share a mutual love for, and understanding of, our magical equine companions, and exchange stories our own experiences with, and concerns about, them.

El Blog de la perrita Estrella
A personal blog from where Estrella, a cocker dog, explains (in spanish) his experiences and other things from its doggy point of view.

Pets - Advice, Information and Stories
Timely Pet News and Information. Share your pet tips, advice, stories and photos with our readers. We will publish all appropriate material - space allowing. Updated daily.