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Living for the past
Hindi Film, Album Lyrics, Ghazal, Bhajans, Pop Songs, Qawwalis, Song Lyrics....

Hindi Film, Album Lyrics, Ghazal, Bhajans, Pop Songs.
Hindi Film, Album Lyrics, Ghazal, Bhajans, Pop Songs, Qawwalis, Song Lyrics.

Music from 80's, 90's and beyound
Remember 80's, enjoy 90's, live and listen today's music. A collection of music video clips from 80's, 90's as well as hot hits of these days. From disco to hip-hop, reggae to pop, You'll find good songs that rock.

Welcome to Tecktonik-Dance. The reference website for Tecktonik dancers, Milky-way dancers, and others Hardstyle dancers !!! This Blog is the english version of NDL1 -=New Dance League One=-, wich is one of the frech famost blog about Tecktonik..... Now ENJOY THE SOUND OF TECKTONIK

US5 Video Richie
All US5 video. US5 - all-man's group with popularity of Germany, England, and the United States. The team has generated in 2005 in German RTL of II television displays of the validity, "big in America" and debuted in June of the same year on Transcontinental label Lou Pearlman's. US5 began successfull everywhere across the Central Europe with their album of a debut "Here we Go"

Billboard Music Videos
A website created by Donald Mckenzie Jr providing all current billboard music videos.

Peruvian Afro music,biographies
The Afro-Peruvian community has had an important participation in the culture and the national coastal folk tradition since the starts of the colony to the present independence. All the Peruvian coast has black influence in the dances, the song, the literature and the gastronomy of Peru. Also in the religious demonstrations and the popular sport.

The Music Vlog
Get to know all the essential music videos.

Crowded Serpents
a niche music blog written by a musician and audio savant. it features daily originals (found sounds, noise, and beats), the latest music industry news, and top musical selections posted around the web.

Car Subwoofers
Car Subwoofers presents you all about subwoofers and also brands of subwoofers