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ThePetStoreOnline Blog
A blog about dogs and cats with tips and advice about the care, training and upkeep of your pet. Also has a selection of funny pet videos....

a site where you can adopt a virtual dog on-line for a small donation you can choose your dog from the many pictures there and you can choose its name as well. You will also get a great review and permenant link . THe dogs picture you choose will be placed beside your review. A fun place with lots of funny pictures and stories. It has a little of this and a little of that. everyone is welcomed.

Dog Care & Dog Training Tips
Simple collection of articles, tips and guides in caring and training your dog effectively.

Oceanic Aquariums
Want to know more about oceanic aquariums, including types, characteristics, pics, vids, supplies and tons more? This page has lots of usefull information on them.

What Would a Dog Do
This is a blog about the life of a dog and information on the right food for the right dog breeds.

We All Love Our Cats
As an owner of two cats that I ultimately love I would like to share my thoughts on the cat world. I will be giving tips, pointers and stories. Please bookmark this page and come back to see the updated posts

tropical fish guide
best fish care guide,tropical fish information,habitat,and feeding habits,aquarium care//

Kittens 'n Things
Blog about cats and kittens and all things for cats; cat health, cat toys, taking care of kitty

A Black Tri Day
A Black Tri Day is written as the diary of a dog, a black tri Australian Shepherd named Tucker.

Waterside Yorkies
A place to laugh and learn about Yorkshire Terriers and their owners. Owners of 3 Yorkies tell stories about the adventures of their dogs and how life is with a "Yorkie Herd".