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Independent Marketing Group
This is a reference, resource and information blog for IMG.Ws Associates and the general public. The purpose of this Blog is to frankly and openly discuss the reasons why so many people fail in home businesses.

A Jaywalking Cyber Pedestrian Observer
Socio-Political Blog of a JAYWALKING CYBER PEDESTRIAN OBSERVER on top of man-made Mt. Payatas the Exclusive Village of social rejects and marginalized bottom dwellers in the Philippines. Once the pride of Asia dubbed as the Pearl of the Orient now drowning in the muck of corruption and bad governance.

The Daily Conservative
The Daily Conservative is your source for conservative news, covering politics and world issues every day. With daily comics and commentary covering what you care about you are sure to find news you wish was on today's liberal controlled news channels. Set yourself free from the rhetoric and treat yourself to a dose of daily uncommon sense from a conservative just like yourself.

Jonnerz Irish view on Irish life
This blog is just a day to day view of Ireland life, the good bits and the bad bits

Lee Wilson's Blog
Writings on politics, abortion, freedom and whatever else is on Lee's mind.

Send Me Your Problems So-Can Solve Them For You
This is an opinion oriented blog written to address the moral, spiritual, social, political and economic issues of our time on a regional, national and international level. It will cover everything from Alphabet Soup to Zoot Suits.

Patrick Britton-Uncommon Sense
Politics today are flooded by left wing bias, I bring an opinion and point of view not usually heard on the likes of CNN and MSNBC. Talking about the stories you care about and those that matter to Christian conservatives today.

Miscellaneous Reflexions
Incisive thoughts on government, society, and some deeper thoughts.

Revelations on the GOP, Republican Candidates and their current actions in Washington DC. Updated news from Washington Post, New York Times, Reuters, Blogs, Liberal Magazines, CNN, Youtube and the web.