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Barry's Best Blog
Radical Life-Improvement. Serving up only the best computer tips, new Internet tools and free software to make you happier and more productive....

Advanced QTP
Learn advanced programming in Quicktest Professional (QTP), in Hebrew and English. Everything from VBScript to object identification.

Anti-Virus and Internet Security Explained
This blog contains simple explainations and information on Computer Security, Internet Security, Antivirus Programs, and similar computer-security related matters. It is written in simple terms so that the common, everyday user will understand and will have an idea of what to do about computer and Internet Security.

Data Recovery
Learn the tricks from the others experiences, get the tips from the experts. All about data recovery are here. Get ready to explode your mind and become our lab mice using try and error method on the technical solution that are provided here.

Computer and Security
sitefor computer Security Networks and More

Tech News, Tips Tricks, How to
Tech News, Tips and tricks, opinions and advices, registry tweaking and workarounds and many more based on real experiences.

Windows 7
Windows7 News & Articles. Follow-up the development process.

Rule Dot Net
Rule Dot Net provides the coolest .NET Tips and Tricks for C# and VB.NET.

Syam 101 - Computer tips, tricks and tutorials
A blog that provides you with the latest computer and software-related tips, tricks and tutorials.

Software Blog
Windows software applications resource, reviews and guides at